A Weekend in the Woods

So this past weekend, I spent camping and hiking in the Mountains of North Carolina.  What a beautiful area, perfect for weekend getaway!  It also gave me a chance to try out some of the equipment I’ve built up over the past few months so i figured I’d write up a quick review of some of the items that made an impression.

Best Item:  The winner for the most impressive piece of equipment far and away was the pocket chainsaw.  I was worried it was bit gimmicky and wouldn’t last or wouldn’t be able to take on much more than branches.  Oh how wrong were my expectations!  this little thing was so awesome that we literally stopped using the full size ax!  It cut through everything we attempted, took up no more room than and Altoids can and was a lot safer than a bunch of inexperienced guys throwing axes around.  We kept the fire going for 48 straight hours with that thing.  Truly a “best deal!”

High Marks: The Voodoo 3-Day Assault Pack held up well and was just the right size for a 2-3 day trip.  The zippers are a bit stiff but I’d much rather have that than flimsy.

Surprisingly Good: My simple tech lite flashlights from Costco absolutely kicked ass!  They were the smallest lights that anyone brought but were still the brightest.

Needs Work: The “new platoon” first aid kit was nice to have but be sure to change out the band-aids for something a little higher in quality.  Also throw in some antibiotic ointment packs to throw on cuts and scrapes.

Wished I’d Had:  While I’m trying to be that tough outdoors guy, I’m still a bit of a neat freak.  I had a soft pack of baby wipes out but didn’t grab it.  Without running water, it sure would have been nice to be able to clean my hands without wasting any of the bottled water!




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