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At best survival deals our premise is simple; we spend hours scouring the internet for the best deals on survival and preparedness items.  We aren’t tactical or gear experts and we don’t claim to be.  There are plenty of other sites for that!  We are just survival minded people who want to help the seasoned “prepper” save time and make the sheer scope of planning and purchasing all of the necessities less daunting to the newly converted.


We will regularly update what we think are great deals from around the net on all items survival or preparedness.   We search various sites, we are on email ad lists, and we have a group of like minded people who forward us their finds.  We hope you’ll get involved too!  If you find a great deal please send it to us at dealfinds@bestsurvivaldeals.com.  We would like nothing more than to have some lively debates and a whole community of people comparing deals and recommending gear and various retailers.  Let’s help each other prepare with the best values out there!


Again, we are not gear experts.  However we do have a bit of experience in the area and we do believe that we bring a little different flavor to the community.  Our informational pieces are geared more towards the beginner who believes that this whole preparedness thing is a good idea but is simply overwhelmed by the scope of it.  We try to break it down into bite size pieces and sift through all the gear snobs out there who scare and confuse the crap out of the average Joe.  We hope that our comments sections and forum will be a place where more seasoned preppers can provide more expertise and details about various topics.

What’s In It For Us?

First and foremost, this is a labor of love.  We believe very strongly that preparedness is a real concern in the modern world.  The more people we can help prepare, even if it is just a little bit, the better it will be for all of us if something happens.  Secondly, we hope to generate some income through affiliate programs and advertising.  Our affiliations and advertising partnerships will have no bearing on the deals we post.  First, dishonesty isn’t good business, we will always let you know with whom we are doing business and we will gladly post deals that beat anything we post.   Second we don’t live that way, it’s just that simple.  Third, the evidence of better deals is out there for anyone who wants to do the leg work!

Believe me, having a trusted site with lots of loyal eyeballs is much better for business than directing a few people to a certain retailer for a tiny commission…

Happy Prepping Everyone!


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