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Camping Oven on Sale

Here’s an interesting one; A Coleman propane stove for baking when the utilities aren’t available.  Almost everyone thinks about stoves and grill but what about baking?  For $40 this thing gets fantastic reviews.  Stock up on fuel and this bad boy will help a lot!

UPDATE: It’s back to normal price at cabela’s but at $45 it’s still a best deal!

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Incentives at Outdoor Bunker

Outdoor Bunker is running an interesting incentive from now until May 31st;  spend $100 or more and they throw in a UTG tactical weapon light, spend $45 or more and they throw in a Tapco 30 round AR-15 Mag.   Not bad add ons and the site has some pretty competitive deals especially in their clearance section!


It has been over a week since I have added to the and for that I apologize!  I have been busy with a major move that will conclude early next week and quite frankly I haven’t come across any specific deals that screamed for immediate attention.  thank you all for your patience, it is nice to know that many of you took notice and we haven’t even officially launched yet.

I do have a request for the followers of the site;  I am such a novice in the area of electricity generation but it’s so important and I don’t want to over look it!  If you have any kind of expertise in solar generation, battery banks, hand crank generation, inverters etc. please email me!




Columbia Half Zip Light Fleece

$16 for Columbia!?  I love Columbia stuff; high quality for reasonable price.  Columbia was North Face 5-10 years ago…the whims of fashion have forgotten Columbia and the prices have come down but the quality remains.

LA Police Gear has some great closeout deals on Columbia apparel but this one is my favorite.  I wear this thing everywhere and if you are in the mid west you know how useful light weight long sleeve tops are for spring and fall and even summer nights.  this deal totally fits into our apparel parameters of utility, quality, value, and earthy colors.

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223 Ammo Deals

Holy crap did I hit a jackpot on Ammo and Bags!  Credit to the guys on the Zombie Hunters forum for pointing out Natchez Shooters Supplies which has some GREAT deals right now.  Click on this link for 200 rounds of Federal American Eagle for $60.90.  But don’t forget to click on the main page and look through the rest of their deals as well.  I’m pumped about this site…

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MRE’s at Emergency Essentials

A lot of people bad mouth MRE’s as almost inedible so I decided to try some before I made any recommendations.   Well I must say I was pleasantly surprised by my experience with Emergency Essentials.   Their prices are hard to beat and the quality of the food was way better than I anticipated!  At $5.75 for a full meal and $2.60 for individual main entrees before quantity discounts, this is a GREAT way to stock up on stuff you know won’t go bad for YEARS!  They do run sales some times so keep an eye on them and us as we’ll definitely promote any special offers they may run.  I was so impressed with the regular site and prices that I’m deeming them a “best deal” as is!

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