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Camping Oven on Sale

Here’s an interesting one; A Coleman propane stove for baking when the utilities aren’t available.  Almost everyone thinks about stoves and grill but what about baking?  For $40 this thing gets fantastic reviews.  Stock up on fuel and this bad boy will help a lot!

UPDATE: It’s back to normal price at cabela’s but at $45 it’s still a best deal!

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MRE’s at Emergency Essentials

A lot of people bad mouth MRE’s as almost inedible so I decided to try some before I made any recommendations.   Well I must say I was pleasantly surprised by my experience with Emergency Essentials.   Their prices are hard to beat and the quality of the food was way better than I anticipated!  At $5.75 for a full meal and $2.60 for individual main entrees before quantity discounts, this is a GREAT way to stock up on stuff you know won’t go bad for YEARS!  They do run sales some times so keep an eye on them and us as we’ll definitely promote any special offers they may run.  I was so impressed with the regular site and prices that I’m deeming them a “best deal” as is!

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Brunton Compact Stove

There are several good backpack type stoves out there that will do the job.  Brunton is a good name and Gander Mountain is a quality retailer offering a good price.  I’m featuring the Talon model for $29.99.  They also have a great sale on the upgraded “Flex” model for $59.99.  The main advantage of the flex is that it folds down smaller…to me, for our purposes, not worth $30 extra bucks but it might be to you!  Don’t forget to load up on fuel…

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Bulk Water Filter Deal

I don’t know all of the science involved but I do know from research that Berkey has the best name and reputation out there when it comes to water filtration on a family sized scale. (katadyne would probably have a claim to that title in portable scale)  So popular are the Berkey filters that many of their large (family scale) products are back ordered for months.  One enterprising distributor took it upon themselves to improvise a system using the Berkey filter elements and some uniquely fitted buckets.  The end result is a system that is pretty cost effective while producing clean safe water.  $135.00 might sound like a big ticket for something that’s not sexy but compare prices for other systems and pause to think about what could possibly be more important than clean water…

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