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Key Chain Multi Tool Half Price





I bought a few of these on a whim and absolutely love them.  I have on on my key chain and I literally use it every day for something.  Cabelas puts them on sale every so often and $4.99 in their bargain cave is the best I’ve seen.  Obviously, this should not be counted on as your main multi-tool.  Check out Gerbers or Leathermans for that.  This is just a cool small item to have that turns out to be very useful!


Sweet Knife Deal

I’m not one much for thinking I’m going to be Rambo and fight off bad guys with a knife, but it’s still good to have a nice one that’s both useful and intimidating!  I found this great Glock fixed blade for sale at Midway USA.  I recommend the one with the saw blade on the spine for our purposes; great for cutting quick kindling twigs.  It’s pretty rare to see knives like this 30% off and Glock doesn’t make junk!  Get this and check “tactical knife” off your list!  This deal is good through 4/30/11