G.O.O.D. Pack

The G.O.O.D. (Get Out Of Dodge) Pack serves many functions in terms of survival and preparedness and is seen as kind of the minimum level of readiness that everyone should have.  A well stocked G.O.O.D. Pack would be worth its weight in gold in a disaster situation and is a must in a collapse situation especially if you have to travel to your hunker down location.

Some things commonly found in a G.O.O.D pack include;

– Bottled Water, Canteen, Water Filter Bottle, Gatorade Powder

– High Calorie Food; Energy Bars, Candy Bars, MRE’s, Peanut Butter, Jerkey, Freeze Dried Food, Dry Rice/Pasta

– Fire Starters; Water Proof Matches, Lighters, Magnesium Block and Flint, Kindling, Candles, Cook Stove, Fuel Tabs/Canisters

– Cold Weather Gear: Hat, Gloves, Scarf, Long Johns, Extra Socks, Space Blanket, Warmer Packs

– Security: Hand Gun, Pepper Spray, Knife, Taser

– Hardware: Multi-tool, Hand Axe, Pocket Chainsaw, Swiss Army Knife, Can Opener, Rope, Duct Tape, Glow Sticks, Binoculars

– Electronics:  Transistor Radio, Flashlight, GPS, Cell Phone, Kindle Type Reader, Two Way Radios

– Misc: First Aid Kit, Soap, Travel Tooth Brush/Paste, Bug Spray, Small Towel, Cash, Message Pad and Writing Utensils, Sleeping Bag, Bed Roll, Travel Pillow, Rain Poncho, Garbage Bags,

Almost every item on this list is contained in the pack seen here:

It’s heavy but manageable at about 60 lbs. It is a M.O.L.L.E. type pack which basically means it has a ton of straps and modularity.  I hook my first aid kit to the side and my sleeping bag and bed roll to the bottom.  If you have a family, a pack should be prepared for each family member in proportion to what they are able to carry.  Fortunately a lot of the equipment in your big pack won’t have to be repeated in the family packs so those packs can focus more on extra food, water, clothes,and a few personal items.

This is by no means an all inclusive list.  Your pack contents will vary based on personal needs and preferences.  We strongly suggest you do some additional research as there is a lot of great information out there from people smarter than us about what these packs should have in them!

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