Initial Planning

The spectrum of survival and preparedness ranges from something as minimal as having a family plan and a three day emergency kit, to elaborate strategies involving a fully stocked rural retreat, security strategies, and mutual aid agreements with other like minded friends and neighbors.

First Considerations

Where do you plan to ride it out or make your stand?  The last thing you want to be in a disaster or a collapse is a refugee.  In a bad case scenario, would you hunker down in your home or would you try to make it to some other location?   There is a lot of commentary on websites out there by people with much more expertise than us about this vital decision and I would strongly encourage you to check them out.  In short, population centers will be bad, and locations near major traffic arteries would be hit by looters and refugees first.  Cottage or rural “retreat” properties are ideal if you have the budget.  For the rest of us, making prior arrangements with family or like minded friends who live in the country is the next best thing.  Some people even go so far as to go in together on the purchase of rural land that they can use as vacation property but with plans to meet there if the crap hits the fan.  Knowing where you are going and with whom you will be surviving is the second most important decision you can make behind only the decision to prepare in the first place!

The next natural question is how will you get there?  If home is where you want to be, do you have a plan to get everyone there?  If you are headed somewhere else, how much gas will it take?  Will you have to fill up while the whole world is trying to fill up or can you store some gas?  How much stuff is already stored where you are headed?  How much will you have to pack in the car?  Will it all fit?  If your car doesn’t make it all the way are your prepared to hoof it?  What would you need that you could carry?

The G.O.O.D. Pack

The “Get Out Of Dodge” Pack is a common term used by preppers and survivalists to describe a bag, most often a back pack of some kind, that contains everything you’d need to make a go of it on foot for as long as possible.  Hikers, back packers, and outdoors men have been perfecting this kind of thing for years and there is a ton of useful, lightweight gear available out there.  You’ll find a lot of these items by checking through our various posted “deals.”  For more details on what types of things should be in a G.O.O.D Pack, click here;

Scope and Scale

After the basics of having a location plan and how to get there, it’s time to think about how far you want to go with this.  This is a personal choice that everyone who is aware enough to recognize the risks in our world must make.  Budgetary constraints, enjoyability of the lifestyle, and your personal beliefs about the severity of the risks and the likelihood of a societal breakdown should be your guiding forces when making your decision.  Paranoia and fear should not be what motivates you to go all out and intimidation about the scope of it all shouldn’t scare you away from it.

We here at Best Survival Deals are “budgetary all in’s.”  This means we believe that the risks of collapse are VERY real and we are preparing as much as our budgets will allow.  We won’t go in to debt or shirk other obligations in the name of prepping, but we do have monthly budgets and savings accounts for larger items that we contribute to when there is extra money.  Yes we still live normal lives, eat out, go to games, and buy comforts that have nothing to do with survival.  We believe that balance is the goal.  Expect the best, live happily, but prepare for the worst.

If this is all too much for you, there’s a certain logic to that.  We hope you’ll at least put together a location plan and G.O.O.D. Packs.  It’s hard for anyone to argue against the prudence of that action.  We wish you the best of luck and hope that our site has at least helped you achieve that minimal level of preparedness…

If you agree that the risks are real, that the potential cost of doing nothing is much too high, and you’ve decided that this is something you want to pursue, welcome aboard and read on!

Lists and Plans

So you’ve decided to prepare as best you can, now what?  What we suggest is that you do NOT just start accumulating stuff.  Sure, some stuff is obvious but without a carefully thought out plan you will miss a ton of needs, and be grossly imbalanced in a lot of areas.  Many of the experts especially James Wesley Rawles of suggest beginning with a list of lists.  I strongly suggest you take a look at the lists he has prepared (just click on “list of lists” in the menu on the left side of his page) and check his site regularly, it’s a great resource!

We here at Best Survival Deals believe in a budget based approach to preparedness.  Lists are absolutely the place to start but how do you know where to begin and how do you not get overwhelmed with it all?  We suggest a prioritization plan and have even gone so far as to draw up specific plans for specific budgets.  We’ve taken a lot of the intimidating leg work out of it for you and then constantly present the best deals to help you find the items that best fit your plan.

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