Lump Sum Budgets

This section was inspired by my brother who after hearing me out about this whole survival/preparedness thing said, “OK, I have $1,000.   What should I do?”  While the last thing I want to encourage is the “just throw money at it” approach, I see a lot of value for beginners in giving some idea of how to get going.  It is my hope that after picking up several of these items that you catch the bug per say.  That brother of mine just bought a gun and shot with me for the first time in his life recently.  He loves it and now looking into other aspects of the lifestyle.  He’s not quite a certified prepper yet but he’s thinking about it, storing some food, and has the means to protect his family to some extent in a crap hits the fan situation.  Hopefully these plans and this site in general gets more people to at least that level!

We put together these plans based on a “Bug Out” situation for a family of three.  A vast majority of our country live in cities or suburbia so we are writing for those who plan to leave.  Obviously you will adjust yours to fit your own unique situation.  All items listed can be found in the deals sections of the site, so if you want more specifics just search the site and find our recommendations.

The $1,000 Plan

Hand Gun: 9mm, .40 Caliber, or .45ACP with 250 rounds, 2 extra magazines, and Cleaning Kit: $420

One Week Food Supply: Several packages of dry pasta or rice, plastic jars of peanut butter, crackers, energy bar, candy bars, freeze dried foods: $100

G.O.O.D. Packs: Main M.O.L.L.E. Pack + Wife and Child Back Packs: $120

Gas Cans (3): $30

Pack Contents…

Battery or Crank Radio: $30

Water Filter Bottle: $35

Nalgene Water Bottles (2): $20

Fire Items – Lighters, Magnesium & Flint, Trioxane Fuel: $20

Utility Knife: $20

Multitool: $40

Flashlights (2): $25

Candles in Tins(4): $20

Misc – Pad & Sharpie, Hygiene Items, Mess Kit, Plastic Bags/Ponchos: $20

First Aid Kit: $20

Total of Pack Contents: $255

Cash (or silver) and Fill Ins: $75

Items that might be needed but didn’t make the list and why;

  • Cold Weather Gear: you probably already have decent stuff, not everyone lives in that climate
  • Sleeping Bags/Bed Rolls: Hopefully you can stay in your car the whole way, notice every item on the $1,000 list will be useful after you get to your location as well.  This is also why a tent didn’t make the $1,000 list.  Climate considerations apply here too.
  • Medications:  To individualized to make the list and something you should have a decent stock of anyways!
  • More Food:  You can’t carry it and for a $1,000 budget we don’t want to put things on here you might have to leave behind in your car.  $100 worth might not be the number; take as much as you can carry!


$2500 Plan: Coming Soon

$5000 Plan: Coming Soon

$10,000 Plan: Hire an expert! 🙂

Again please understand that these plans are just a starting point!  Survivalism is a mindset.  Don’t think for a second that spending $1,000 one time makes you prepared.  These plans are just a touch above useless unless you are adding to it on a regular basis, change your perspective on things a bit, and get out there and get some practical experience!

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