Over the years there have been various movements encouraging families to prepare for possible disasters or breakdowns in society.  Under circumstances like this, families would be on their own for everything from food and water to medical supplies and security.  With the number of recent disasters and the precarious position of the national and global economy, it is more than prudent to do some planning!

What’s interesting and somewhat counter-intuitive is that we are at a much higher risk of catastrophic breakdowns in our modern technological society than ever before.  The interdependence of our resource distribution systems is nothing short of staggering.  It is a marvel of modern logistics, computer systems, and infrastructure.  It is this interdependence that makes us more vulnerable than ever to a macro scale breakdown.  If the power grid goes down, fuel refining goes down days later.  If fuel refining goes down, grocery stores and factories built on “just in time” logistical systems sit idle and empty.  If the internet goes down, commerce on any level beyond individual cash transactions halts.  That’s just the physical and systemic side of the equation.  What about human behavior once their utilities are gone or the income checks become worthless?  Imagine a world in which you go to the bank and the doors are locked, your ATM and credit cards no longer work…everything you’ve worked for is gone…

We as a society are so far removed from the realities of what it takes to provide for our own most basic needs.  Our grandparents would have a much better shot at surviving such a breakdown!  What skills and equipment would you need if such a back to basics scenario would arise?

Read on for more details about what might cause such a scenario …

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