Lifestyle Benefits

In addition to the inherent benefits of being prepared for the worst, there are many benefits to the lifestyle even if nothing bad ever happens.  Learning practical skills like first aid, using hand tools, and setting up electrical generating systems can be very rewarding and even lead to side businesses.  Discovering new hobbies like shooting, camping, or woodworking might get both you and the kids out of the house more and lead to a more active lifestyle.  Learning to garden, how to store food, and produce some of your own needs can help you reconnect with this wonderful planet God gave us, and appreciate the things we often take for granted.

There is also a sustainability component to the preparedness or survivalist mindset.  We are far from environmentalist hippies here at Best Survival Deals, but we certainly agree that some things are going to have to change over the next several years in terms of lifestyle and energy use.  There is lots of evidence that we have already surpassed “peak oil” and other fossil fuels can’t possibly sustain our current trends.  By producing some of our own food, goods, and energy, we can start to lessen the load on the grid and move in a reasonable manner towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

No, we don’t advocate shunning technology and living like pioneers, but getting back to basics in some ways is a great thing.  There are countless stories out there of people who say they have never been happier or more fulfill than when they unplugged a bit and became more self reliant.

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