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223 Ammo Deals

Holy crap did I hit a jackpot on Ammo and Bags!  Credit to the guys on the Zombie Hunters forum for pointing out Natchez Shooters Supplies which has some GREAT deals right now.  Click on this link for 200 rounds of Federal American Eagle for $60.90.  But don’t forget to click on the main page and look through the rest of their deals as well.  I’m pumped about this site…

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Great Target Ammo for .223 Users

Cheaper Than Dirt is right up with bulk ammo.com for everyday best prices on Ammo.  It generally takes a Cabela’s or Bass Pro Special to beat them.  If you have a rifle chambered in 5.56 / .223 (common for AR-15’s) this deal on PMC is about the best price you’re going to find.  $6.01 per 20 round box works out to $.30 per round and this is new brass from a pretty good company.  Big thumbs up for bulk target practice ammo on this one!

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