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Our Favorite Hand Guns

I’m going to tread into some dangerous territory here with a few hand gun recommendations.  The only danger is that of drawing the ire of the gun snobs of which there are many out there!  I fully admit that I’ve only been shooting a little while.  I’ve done a ton of homework and talked to many people that know a lot more than me.  I understand that your police friend told you a 9mm round won’t take down a crazed drug addict.  I understand that your $1200 45ACP will put bigger holes in things.  I’m simply here to suggest a few guns for the rest of us who are on a budget and getting started in the prepping world.  We are all about value here.  A reliable handgun at a good price that will make for a nice deterrent that goes “bang”  and sends lead accurately through the air if needed is all we are looking for.    For more thoughts and a beginners guide, read our firearms primer page…

Taurus PT – 809

This gun is my personal favorite.  It is the one I own and use.  17 rounds fit in the magazine, it is easy to use and the external hammer just makes sense.  Add in a great warranty from Taurus for less than $400 and I defiantly consider this one a Best Deal.

I bought mine from cheaper than dirt.  I suggested the gun to my brother and he bought his from Bud’s.  Either online retailer gets great marks for customer service and price.  Buying guns online does involve some paper work, but it’s really quite easy.  Again, read through our firearms primer for more on the purchase process.


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Ruger P95

I will fully admit that I’m putting this one out there without actually firing it.  I just know from homework that Ruger is an extremely well respected name, this model gets consistently good reviews, and the price jumps off the Bud’s page at $300.

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9mm Ammo Favorite






Everyone has their ammo preferences but this one is ours for practice shooting.  Remmington doesn’t make crap and the price is fantastic.  You might be able to find some PMC brand stuff a bit cheaper that rates pretty well but this is more readily available.   I get it at my local Bass Pro for $60, but you can find it other places too.  That equates to less than $.25 a round for good brass cased stuff. These are not your best self defense rounds to stock up on, you’ll want hollow points for that…

Be careful ordering ammo online as shipping costs can kill what seems like a great deal!