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A Solid G.O.O.D. Pack

Voodoo Tactical 3 Day Assault Pack

This one is hard to recommend because there are so many choices out there in such a wide variety of styles and prices.  Also, it’s not like I’ve been able to go out and beat the crap out of several different ones to see what holds up.  I’m a normal guy, I don’t have the time or the budget for that.  I did do a lot of research though and ended up buying this one for myself.  It runs about $60.00 at The Army Navy Surplus website.  That seems to be the best price out there and I had a very good experience with their customer service.

The reason this bag won out for me was that it was right in the middle of the price range, got solid reviews, had all of the M.O.L.L.E. flexibility, and didn’t look to “military wannabe” or “hiker guy.”  When it arrives, you’re going to think it’s small but once you loosen everything up and start packing it you’ll quickly figure out that this thing holds a LOT and it can hold more with some M.O.L.L.E add on’s.  It seems very well constructed.  I’m sure you won’t go wrong with a Blackhawk, a Maxpedition, or a Kelty but for about half the price, I’m happy with my Voodoo


Our Favorite G.O.O.D. First Aid Kit


This is the “new platoon” first aid kit from www.thearmynavysurplus.com.  It is the best mix of size, utility, carrying case, and price that we’ve been able to find.  I know it’s small and lacks some things that bigger and more expensive kits have (I added quickclot to mine) but what you get for $19.99 can’t be beat.  When you add in the fact that the case is M.O.L.L.E. ready and that Julie who runs the show out there is fantastic, this one definitively qualifies as a “best survival deal.”