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Buck Knife Bargain






Never pay full price for a knife as many places put them on special regularly.  Cabela’s always seems to have at least one good one on clearance all the time.  This folding Buck knife is a great deal for $19.88.  It’s got the serrated edge for cutting kindling twigs and is sharp right out of the box.  A great utility knife that won’t make you look like a psycho when you pull it out for every day uses!


Key Chain Multi Tool Half Price





I bought a few of these on a whim and absolutely love them.  I have on on my key chain and I literally use it every day for something.  Cabelas puts them on sale every so often and $4.99 in their bargain cave is the best I’ve seen.  Obviously, this should not be counted on as your main multi-tool.  Check out Gerbers or Leathermans for that.  This is just a cool small item to have that turns out to be very useful!