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Great Target Ammo for .223 Users

Cheaper Than Dirt is right up with bulk ammo.com for everyday best prices on Ammo.  It generally takes a Cabela’s or Bass Pro Special to beat them.  If you have a rifle chambered in 5.56 / .223 (common for AR-15’s) this deal on PMC is about the best price you’re going to find.  $6.01 per 20 round box works out to $.30 per round and this is new brass from a pretty good company.  Big thumbs up for bulk target practice ammo on this one!

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Great Multitool – Leatherman Blast

There are a million and one multitools out there and a lot of them are junk.  Get a Leatherman or a Gerber and you shouldn’t go wrong.  I’m a city boy and I use this thing darn near every day!  The Leatherman Blast is a good combination of useful tools, a good name brand and value.  You can buy $100 models that are probably better but for $36.00 and free shipping if you are amazon prime, it’s hard to beat this one.  The only thing it doesn’t have that I wish it did is an allen wrench.

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Quality Radio

This on is not exactly a specific deal, it’s more of a recommendation for the Tecsun PL-310 radio. I researched radios for a long time, something no one should do by choice! Deciphering the radio nerd language, this one really seemed to stand out if you want good reception including shortwave. Shortwave can provide some “interesting” entertainment now, but in a crap hits the fan situation it might be a very valuable source of information. I could only find it on Ebay direct from Hong Kong.  Keep an eye on your shipping costs!!!  You should be right around $50 for this unit. I love mine!

Here’s an Ebay search link for this specific model:

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Sleeping Bag Buy

Sportsmansguide.com gets another nod today with a really solid deal on an Alps Mountaineering sleeping bag.  Alps has a great reputation and the 20+ degree sleeping bag should do just fine as something to thrown in the car, attach to your G.O.O.D. Pack, or as a heavy blanket/bag if the heat goes out.  For $29.97, you can’t beat it.  They have some other good deals on Brownings and Keltys but we thought this was the best for the money.

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A Solid G.O.O.D. Pack

Voodoo Tactical 3 Day Assault Pack

This one is hard to recommend because there are so many choices out there in such a wide variety of styles and prices.  Also, it’s not like I’ve been able to go out and beat the crap out of several different ones to see what holds up.  I’m a normal guy, I don’t have the time or the budget for that.  I did do a lot of research though and ended up buying this one for myself.  It runs about $60.00 at The Army Navy Surplus website.  That seems to be the best price out there and I had a very good experience with their customer service.

The reason this bag won out for me was that it was right in the middle of the price range, got solid reviews, had all of the M.O.L.L.E. flexibility, and didn’t look to “military wannabe” or “hiker guy.”  When it arrives, you’re going to think it’s small but once you loosen everything up and start packing it you’ll quickly figure out that this thing holds a LOT and it can hold more with some M.O.L.L.E add on’s.  It seems very well constructed.  I’m sure you won’t go wrong with a Blackhawk, a Maxpedition, or a Kelty but for about half the price, I’m happy with my Voodoo


Searchable CD Rom of All Things Survival

The biggest name in our community, Survivalblog.com, has compiled its archives and produced a search-able CD Rom.  Over 5 years worth of posts – 7000+ pages.  It normally sells for $19.95.  This is an absolute steal for the amount of information that will be available to you whether the internet is up or not!  Huge props to James Wesley Rawles on this one!


Our Favorite Hand Guns

I’m going to tread into some dangerous territory here with a few hand gun recommendations.  The only danger is that of drawing the ire of the gun snobs of which there are many out there!  I fully admit that I’ve only been shooting a little while.  I’ve done a ton of homework and talked to many people that know a lot more than me.  I understand that your police friend told you a 9mm round won’t take down a crazed drug addict.  I understand that your $1200 45ACP will put bigger holes in things.  I’m simply here to suggest a few guns for the rest of us who are on a budget and getting started in the prepping world.  We are all about value here.  A reliable handgun at a good price that will make for a nice deterrent that goes “bang”  and sends lead accurately through the air if needed is all we are looking for.    For more thoughts and a beginners guide, read our firearms primer page…

Taurus PT – 809

This gun is my personal favorite.  It is the one I own and use.  17 rounds fit in the magazine, it is easy to use and the external hammer just makes sense.  Add in a great warranty from Taurus for less than $400 and I defiantly consider this one a Best Deal.

I bought mine from cheaper than dirt.  I suggested the gun to my brother and he bought his from Bud’s.  Either online retailer gets great marks for customer service and price.  Buying guns online does involve some paper work, but it’s really quite easy.  Again, read through our firearms primer for more on the purchase process.


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Ruger P95

I will fully admit that I’m putting this one out there without actually firing it.  I just know from homework that Ruger is an extremely well respected name, this model gets consistently good reviews, and the price jumps off the Bud’s page at $300.

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